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Documentation and Information Retrieval

Most manuals and documents produced by the CN Division are distributed at the UCO, notably the CERN Program Library material as well as different guides covering various services: NICE PC environment, email, Unix system guides for different platforms, AFS, remote terminal access, etc.

In addition, we distribute different commercial computing books via a CERN stores card. They have been chosen for their quality and relevance in the field concerned: two Unix guides, LaTeX references, Introduction to C and C++, The Adobe PostScript reference manual, etc. Please type XFIND COMPUTER DOCUMENTATION or use Mosaic to access a complete up to date list of available books. We are currently looking towards extending the collection above with ``state of the art'' references in other computing disciplines of relevance to the research activities of the lab. However we need to start by streamlining the charging mechanisms followed, and are in discussion with the CERN Administration.

The service is responsible for the online availability of the documents above, and their access from all central services via the XFIND and Mosaic utilities. The document contributors bear ultimate responsibility for the accuracy of the information, but we may be contacted and serve as mediators in order to request documentation updates to the relevant person.

We are developing an online XFIND database in order to aid new/occasional Help Desk members. This database is also used by the ``Operations'' staff in order to assist occasional users requiring help during periods outside ``prime shift'' hours and weekends.

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