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New version of Mosaic Available

  Miguel Marquina CN/DCI

Mosaic is an X11-based application to browse information stored in the World-Wide-Web system. It has been developed at NCSA and provides at present the best user interface available on Unix workstations.

We have released into the Public Area the Unix, VMS and Macintosh versions of Mosaic 2.2. Any release problems should be communicated to the User Consultancy Office (, x4952) while feedback concerning the quality/bugs/improvement of the user interface should be communicated directly to the authors by using the ``Mail Developers'' entry inside the ``Help'' menu.

In addition Mosaic is available on PC/Novell as provided by Robert Cailliau/ECP.

Release Notes

The latest version of Mosaic, 2.2, may be found in /afs and the ASIS repository for the following platforms:

   DECstation/Ultrix, Alpha/OSF, 
   HP UX90, IBM AIX32,
   Sun/SunOS 4.x, Sun/Solaris, 
   Silicon Graphics IRIX 4

the locations being:


If you have proper pointers to it from your /usr/local directory, please remember to place the entries ``usr/local/bin'' and ``usr/local/bin/X11'' in your PATH precisely in this order. Failing to do so will not give you access to the default CERN Home Page.

Please notice that due to incompatibilities with version 1.x, the latest executable must be accessed by typing mosaic and not xmosaic. See the corresponding Mosaic page on the documentation about the changes. Still the most relevant one is worth mentioning: all resources you may have created for customizing your Mosaic windows will be ignored. You must rename them to Mosaic*xxx in order to use them under the new version.

The Alpha-VMS version currently available is still 2.0 (thanks to Julian Bunn/CN and Bjorn Nilsson/Aleph for providing it). Again the command mosaic has been set up in VXCERN to point to it.

The Macintosh version is available on the Mac_DC server (thanks to Patrick Herzog/AS for providing it). This is the way you should proceed:

Alternatively, if you have 1.6 Mb of disk available, we recommend you to install a local copy of Mosaic instead (to be located on the same server, in the ``Public Domain'' disk).

PCWeb is in fact the SUN version of Mosaic, displaying on PCs which have access to the XVision product. There is an icon called ``World Wide Web'' in the ``Comms'' folder inside ``Program Manager''. The inconvenience of this version, as opposed to all the others is that due to the way it has been set up, Mosaic will NOT remember the documents you have ``visited''.

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Janne Saarela
Tue May 16 14:52:44 METDST 1995