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Part 10. Intrinsic procedures

We have already met most of the new intrinsic functions in previous parts of this series. Here, we deal only with their general classification and with those that have so far been omitted.

All intrinsic procedures can be referenced using keyword arguments:

and many have optional arguments. They are grouped into four categories:
  1. elemental -- work on scalars or arrays, e.g. ABS(a);
  2. inquiry -- independent of value of argument (which maybe undefined), e.g. PRECISION(a);
  3. transformational -- array argument with array result of different shape, e.g. RESHAPE(a, b);
  4. subroutines, e.g. SYSTEM_CLOCK.
The procedures not already introduced are:

Janne Saarela
Tue May 16 14:52:44 METDST 1995