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VMS-based Services

Two VMS clusters in the Computer Centre (VXCERN and VXENG) are managed by the DEC section. The VXCERN service offers a reference VMS platform on which the Physics community can find the latest VMS versions of the CERN Program Library, WWW code, TGV's Multinet, the VMS Bookreader documentation, the usual VMS Layered Products, and so on. Other VMS clusters, both on and off the CERN site, use VXCERN as a ``model'' environment from which they clone the logical name table structures, CERN Program Library disk structure, and various other features of the VXCERN cluster. In addition, VXCERN acts as a network hub in HEPnet, offering world-wide connectivity over DECnet, IP and X.25. The VXCERN service has recently been ``right-sized'' to take advantage of the latest Alpha machines and SCSI-based storage.

The VXENG service is used by a community of engineers based entirely at CERN. Features of this service include Matra Datavision's EUCLID CAD/CAM package, and Oracle database software. Attached to the main cluster are a number of standalone VMS workstations which are used for EUCLID work.

In addition to running these two clusters in the Computer Centre, the section also offers help and advice to all users of equipment running the VMS operating system at CERN.


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