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NICE Services

The NICE, (Novell Integration, Coordination and Evolution), service provides a complete and standardized environment into which PC's running MS Windows can be installed with minimum effort. Currently around 1000 PCs are supported in this way.

A standard installation tool is provided (DIANE), as are replicated read-only servers with a wide range of application software. Home directory file services are being built up, through which electronic mail services are provided using MS Mail. These home directory services are also available to Macintoshes or Unix machines and provide for file sharing between these platforms. It is envisaged to support Windows NT in a similar fashion.

The NICE environment has been created via an inter-divisional collaboration. The central infrastructure of NICE is supported via a new section in DCI group, in close collaboration with key people in other divisions. This NICE Working Group has provided ``A Guide to Personal Computer Networks at CERN'' / ``Guide reseau pour les ordinateurs personnels au CERN'', which is available in English and French from the UCO (User Consultancy Office) in building 513.

D. Foster, CN-DCI-NCS

Janne Saarela
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