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PYTHIA and JETSET: New Versions

  Torbjörn Sjöstrand TH/SP and Jamie Shiers CN/ASD

The two programs PYTHIA and JETSET can be used to generate high-energy-physics events, in particular for multi-hadronic final states. Possible applications include comparisons with and predictions for events at LEP 1, LEP 2, LHC, HERA, fixed-target experiments, and so on. While originally developed separately, today the two programs are closely linked. Recently new subversions of the two programs have been introduced, PYTHIA 5.7 and JETSET 7.4.

New features

The programs are essentially completely backwards compatible with the previous versions of PYTHIA 5 and JETSET 7. A number of new features have been introduced, however. The list includes, among others:

Library and documentation

Both programs are being made available in the CERNlib PROduction area in separate sources, but in a single library:

        JETSET74 CAR fm
        PYTHIA57 CAR fm
Vax/VMS CERN:[pro.lib]jetset74.olb
Unix    /cern/pro/lib/libjetset74.a

where fm is the filemode of the VM minidisk hosting the CERNlib sources after linking it via the command GIME /cern/pro/src/car.

The recommended way to access the library is via the CERNLIB command; Pythia and Jetset are recognized keywords which translate into the default current production version, i.e., Pythia57 and Jetset74.

A brief description of the programs is available in T. Sjöstrand, CERN-TH.7111/93. This paper has been submitted to Computer Physics Communications; once published, it will become the new ``official'' reference to PYTHIA and JETSET.

The long writeup (over 300 pages) is available as T. Sjöstrand, CERN-TH.7112/93. This is an updated version of CERN-TH.6488/92. The long writeup is being made available in the self-service area of the Computer Centre and on asis01 software server in the directory /cernlib/doc/ps.dir as the file

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