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DEC Fortran 90

DEC Fortran 90 is a fully-featured, optimizing compiler using a new Fortran 90 front-end integrated with Digital's state-of-the-art backend, also used by most other DIGITAL compilers. DEC Fortran 90 and DEC Fortran (-77) share the same Fortran runtime libraries. Programs can be written in either language and can call programs written in the other language.

Using the optional Digital Parallel Software Environment, one can parallise applications using embedded High Performance Fortran (HPF) directives. (HPF directives will be ignored when compiled for scalar runtime.)

DEC Fortran 90 provides many new features, including the FORALL statement, array operations, modules, and numeric computation facilities.

DEC Fortran 90 is installed on AFCERN, the public AlphaAXP OSF machine in the computer centre. Accounts on this machine are available to anyone at CERN.

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