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INIS added to the NICE PC Network CD-Rom Server

  Harry R. Renshall CN/PDP

An important new product, INIS, supplied by the Scientific Information group of AS division has now been added as a new icon in the CDROM group available on the CERN NICE PC Network.

INIS, the International Nuclear Information System, is a database of references and abstracts covering all aspects of the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. It is published by the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency. The 1993-1994 database contains, for example, 997 entries where CERN appears as a keyword. It covers from 1990 to date with the emphasis on engineering, energy, safety and the life sciences and, since 1992, the economic and environmental aspects of all energy sources.

Other products in the CDROM group are:

Additional information on the CDRom service can be read via XFIND CDROM on CERNVM, or via the search keyword CDROM on the XFIND searchable index page of the World Wide Web (follow the link to ``Computing'' under the Activities heading on the CERN home page and then link to ``Documentation and Newsletter index'' under the CN heading). Self-service PC's, with attached printers, are available in the central and Computer Science Libraries (buildings 52 and 513 respectively).

Janne Saarela
Wed May 17 14:38:58 METDST 1995