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CN Supported Pilot Activities

Reception of Mbone broadcast channels

MBone is a packet-based audio-video network operating on the worldwide Internet. Videobroadcasts are regularly programmed, and they resemble topical transient TV channels. That is, during a conference, or a particular event, one or several audio and video channels are broadcast over the Internet. An example was the broadcast of the CHEP94 conference from San Francisco.

CERN is connected to MBone and CN offers a pilot on-request service for those within CERN who wish to view or attend a particular event (remote interventions from CERN are possible, depending on the type of event).

Users within CERN aware of a particular external broadcast event may contact CN and, if technically possible, the playout of the session will be organized in a small provisional CN studio. The quality is extremely dependent on the type of equipment used at the source, and on the actual network path to reach CERN.

Reception by individual workstations on the CERN internal network is not yet technically possible.

Broadcast of CERN seminars

Certain CERN seminars will be broadcast over the Mbone for a pilot period, to evaluate the service and its acceptance by users. This will be either live or play-back broadcast. For instance several sessions of the WWW94 Conference held at CERN late May 1994 were broadcast over MBONE.

Broadcasts will be announced by news and through distribution lists. External users must contact their national HEP network contact, to find out whether their institute is on Mbone, and their local networking or computing contact for the end-system support. For information, IN2P3 in FR and part of INFN in IT are connected to MBone. HEP organizations in NL, and most HEP sites in UK, CH and Nordic countries are also connected.

Point-to-point videoconferences on request

CN proposes, for a limited period of time, setting up on-request pilot packet videoconferences.

Users within CERN interested in a videoconference with a well defined remote party may contact CN. The remote party must be reacheable by the Internet. If possible, a videoconference will be organized from a small CN studio. This requires a technical contact person to be designated at the remote end. In general, a prior test will be required a week in advance, on the same day and at the same time as the planned conference.

Examples of on-request bilateral conferences already organized include a formal remote defense of a thesis (Professor at CERN, student in the USA).

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