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Existing Licences

PC and MAC

Existing FrameMaker 3 (FM3)licences may be upgraded to FrameMaker 4 (FM4) at no charge. PC and MAC support of AS division will handle PC and MAC versions. Please contact Frank Ovett/AS for the installation instructions.

PC and MAC users who wish documentation have the choice of printing the material from the kits or ordering paper copies through Alan Silverman/CN.

UNIX Workstations

The platforms supported are HP, SUN and IBM only. Owners of licences for ULTRIX and NeXT platforms should contact Werner Jank/ECP as there is no FM4 kit for these platforms. There is currently no kit for DEC/OSF.

UNIX Fixed Licenses

The previous ``fixed node'' licences for FM3 have become ``personal licences'' under FM4. In this licensing mode the licence is tied to a userid that is associated with the key. Such an upgrade is free to owners of existing FM3 licences. To use this licensing mode you will have to install FrameMaker on your LOCAL DISK.

For existing AIX/6000 users, please contact Ignacio Reguero/CN to obtain the tape containing the AIX kit and to get a licence key.

For existing HP and SUN users contact Sun Workstation support at and you will be provided a licence key per copy already purchased and the installation instructions.

The documentation is available online or users can request to purchase paper copies through Alan Silverman/CN.

UNIX Floating Licences

In this licensing model a license server keeps a number of ``tokens'' that determine the number of concurrent users allowed. This is checked when starting the product.

Users with existing fixed or personal licences can convert to floating licences for a small fee, payable to Alan Silverman/CN. Today we have a limited number of floating licences, installed on SUNSOFT.

The procedure to convert is described in a recent CERN.UNIX news or contact Alan Silverman or Ignacio Reguero for information.

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