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Support of Silicon Graphics Workstations

  Alan Silverman CN/DCI

Users of SGI systems at CERN should be aware of a new support service now getting under way in CN. DCI Group, UNIX Workstation Support Section are establishing a new service for SGI along the lines of that already offered for several other UNIX workstation vendors. Some aspects of this are --

We have purchased licences for the so-called Varsity Package of software consisting of -
IRIX Development Option (IDO) (includes C Compiler, source debugger, IRIX GL, Display Postscript, X11 and Motif development library support)
ImageVision Library
NFS (includes NIS)

This is available to SGI owners at CERN for SFr 600 per node, one time charge only. Some products are already available, the rest are on order. If you want access to any of them, send a TID for the required amount to Alan Silverman.

SGI support, apart from SGI use within CORE, is centralised in DCI/UWS and all questions should be sent to SGI.SUPPORT@CERN.CH. Our support is backed by a regular software support contract with SGI covering all SGI nodes currently installed on site.

Other new services are being worked on, for example a documentation service and will be announced when ready.

Janne Saarela
Wed May 17 14:38:58 METDST 1995