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Text Fonts and Precision in PAW

  Olivier Couet CN/ASD

Following a number of questions asked in the HEPLIB newsgroup, we provide below a summary of some useful information concerning text fonts and precision in PAW.

Two parameters control the text aspect in PAW:

the text font
selects among possible character fonts, (Roman font, sans-serif font, etc.);
the text precision
specifies how closely PAW must follow the current size and orientation attributes.

The text precision affects only the output on the screen. The PostScript output depends only on the selected font.

The font and precision attributes can be modified with the following PAW commands:

   PAW > SET TFON ffp  | Histogram Title FONT (ff) and PREC (p)
   PAW > SET GFON ffp  | Global title FONT (ff) and PREC (p)
   PAW > SET VFON ffp  | axis Values FONT (ff) and PREC (p)
   PAW > SET LFON ffp  | axis Labels FONT (ff) and PREC (p)
   PAW > SET CFON ffp  | Comment FONT (ff) and PREC (p)
   PAW > SET *FON ffp  | Set the same values for all above
   PAW > SET TXFP ffp  | ITX FONT (ff) and PREC (p)

For example, the following PAW command selects font -6 (Helvetica-Bold) for any PAW text, as explained above.

   PAW > SET *FON -60

List of available fonts

List of possible precisions

Special character

In addition to the character font and precision, the text appearance can be modified via a set of control characters. These characters are embedded into the characters strings and are interpreted according to the rules defined in the precision table.

Janne Saarela
Wed May 17 14:38:58 METDST 1995