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TeX installed on all Unix reference platforms

We have now installed TeX and LaTeXe on all Unix reference platforms, namely Sun (Solaris and SunOs), Hewlett-Packard HP-UX, AIX RS6000, Silicon Graphics, Decstation and Alpha OSF.

The packages listed in table go to make up a ``normal'' CERN TeX setup, with things that any user might need. Specialized packages might be added later.

On those systems where TeX was installed beforehand, users should continue to be able to type latex dvips, bibtex, and so on. In this case they will get the old setup and be isolated from new directories. On the other platforms or when one wants to use the new setup, one must use the commands latex2e, dvips2e or newdvips, newbibtex (newtex, etc.). At the end of January 1995, we plan to move all supported systems at CERN to use the new version of TeX and LaTeXe, and at that time all these ``new'' commands will replace the present default commands on the old systems, and be given the default names. The present versions will then be deprecated.

Three possible problem areas are:

  1. on recent architectures, which had previously no installed version of LaTeX, we only make LaTeXe available; we do not plan to install LaTeX 2.09 on these platforms;
  2. locally generated pk font files made with the old MakeTeXPK utility probably will not be found by the new dvips;
  3. xdvi users will pick up the new directory structure for pk font files.

Important warning: It is important to realize that the old and new TeX setups do not share the same library of support files (macros, fonts etc). All the newly installed TeX programs look in /usr/local/lib/texmf for their libraries. With this new (world-standard) texmf directory structure, users who used to set the environment TEXINPUTS or whatever must redefine their settings. More precisely, with the new TeX setup, one must only specify extra directories, and end the path with a `:', as in

The colon at the end tells TeX to add the standard directories at the end of the path following ~/mymacros

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Janne Saarela
Wed May 17 14:38:58 METDST 1995