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LaTeX command description on WWW

LaTeX related information has been introduced in the WWW directory at CERN. The URL is the same as for accesssing the CNAS documentation, namely, Under the heading ``Text processing related documents'' at the top of that page, there are at present four documents, namely:

Essential LaTeX
An introduction to LaTeX based on a document written by Jon Warbrick with additions of David Carlisle, Adrian Clark, Michel Goossens, and Sebastian Rahtz.
Overview of the basic LaTeX commands.
Overview of the basic commands, a program to prepare and maintain bibliographics databases.
Overview of the basic MakeIndex commands, a program to generate an index for LaTeX.

Note that, at present, the command interface that is described for the LaTeX, and MakeIndex command in the latter three files is the VMS syntax. We plan and add the Unix syntax in the near future.

Janne Saarela
Wed May 17 14:38:58 METDST 1995