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Ever since LaTeX became generally available in 1986, its popularity has increased, and many extensions have been developed. Unfortunatlely, these extensions were included in incompatible formats, eg. ``standard'' LaTeX with and without , S l iTeX , A M S -LaTeX , and so on. From the LaTeX source alone, it was difficult to determine for which of these (or other) formats a document was composed and, because different sites could have different configuration, document portability was a problem.

Already in 1989 at the Stanford TUG Conference, Frank Mittelbach and Rainer Schöpf got together with Leslie Lamport to discuss these (and other) topics and they published their ideas about possible ways to evolve LaTeX in TUGBoat [3,4]. This led a few years later to the start of the long-term LaTeX3 project [5,6,7,8].

However, to help end the confusion for the present LaTeX users, after a meeting in Spring 1993 between Leslie Lamport and Frank Mittelbach in Mainz, it was decided to release an upgraded version of LaTeX, called LaTeXe, which was officially announced in August 1993 at the TUG Conference at Aston.

Its stated aims are:

The first production version of LaTeXe was released on June 1st 1994. Twice a year (in June and in December) consolidation releases are planned, in order to keep all versions of the files in synchronization. Intermediate bugs are corrected via patch files. Bug reports are handled centrally by inviting the users to fill out an electronic form, distributed with the LaTeXe distribution, and sending it via electronic mail to Note that only bug reports referring to the last two releases will be considered. One can also subscribe to the LaTeXe discussion list on LATEX-2E@DHDURZ1.BITNET and post questions (and answers) to that list.

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