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Option processing

Options that are specified in the option-list argument of the \documentclass or \usepackage commands are handled as follows:

  1. They are first divided into two types, local and global:
  2. The local and global options that have been declared within the current class or package are processed first, normally in their order of declarations, thus their order in option-list is irrelevant.
  3. Any local options not declared in the current class or package are then processed. For document classes, this usually means that they are ignored, except for this fact being recorded by adding the option to a list of ``unused options''; they may, of course, be used later since they become global options for every package subsequently loaded. For packages, usually an error message is produced, giving the choice of retyping the option name in case it is incorrect.

Finally, when the \begin{document} command is reached LaTeXe will produce a list of all global options not used by the class or any package file, and issue a warning message for each.

Janne Saarela
Wed May 17 14:38:58 METDST 1995