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Font commands---an overview

This section covers the user commands in LaTeXe for specifying fonts, both in text as in mathematics. We also mention some of the more popular fonts packages and say a few words on compatibility with LaTeX 2.09.

The first question you can naturally ask yourself is why new font commands were introduced at all. To answer this question let us mention that LaTeX 2.09 font commands had a few idiosyncrasies:

The size changing commands remain unchanged (ie. \large, \scriptsize, etc. are still valid).

These commands do not have the problems of the LaTeX 2.09 commands, because:

Note that there are still some restrictions, for instance, \textbf{\texttt{text}} produces medium typewriter for lack of a bold Computer Modern typewriter font, but at least LaTeXe warns you about the substitution.

In the area of math fonts, LaTeXe provides the following new commands:

Note that these commands do not work outside mathematics.

It is now relatively easy (if you have the fonts) to replace Computer Modern with other font families. Various packages for popular fonts are already available, for example:

LaTeX 2.09's old font commands (\rm, \bf, etc.) are still available in LaTeXe, but they are not part of the ``kernel''. They are now defined in the document class files, where the definitions of the size changing commands, like \huge, \tiny, have always resided. It is thus up to the document designer to define how the old font commands behave. Note, however, that for the ``standard classes'' (article, book, etc.) the old font commands behave as they did in LaTeX 2.09.

One more word about about LaTeX 2.09 compatibility. A document beginning with \documentstyle is run in compatibility mode, which emulates LaTeX without NFSS. If you want to emulate LaTeX with NFSS you should say:


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