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CERN Networks Status Available via WWW


There is now the possibility to see the current status of the CERN general purpose ethernet via any WWW browser (normally Mosaic). The relevant URL is

The information available includes access to the ``Trouble Ticket'' system used to track all reported network incidents. We always welcome any extra information or comments on any of these reports.

Also available is a list of blocked ethernet addresses. These are the physical addresses of systems which have caused problems such that they have been automatically or manually blocked in all of our ethernet to FDDI bridges, so that they cannot have any access other than very local. We always try to inform the owner of the equipment about such blockages, but often the owner is unknown, has left CERN or is unavailable by phone or e-mail. Therefore, if you have some equipment which appears to have problems communicating over the network it is worthwhile to check whether its address is in the blocked list before calling to say that the network is faulty.

Please note that some of the items available require that the WWW browser be able to handle forms. The Macintosh Mosaic version currently in use does not have this ability: it will be included in version 2 (currently in alpha test).

Janne Saarela
Mon May 22 15:43:10 METDST 1995