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Running DECnet/OSI (Phase V) at CERN


If you are responsible for VMS systems at CERN, it is time to be planning your installation of DECnet/OSI (Phase V).

DEC announced sometime ago that the Phase IV-only product, which most CERN VMS systems are running, will not be supported beyond VMS 6.1. We highly recommend that you start to get experience with DECnet/OSI once you have upgraded some systems to VMS 6.1. This will give you feedback to plan DECnet/OSI installations for all your VMS systems.

DECnet/OSI is installed as a layered product. Whilst the software needs only to be installed once per system disk, a configuration of DECnet/OSI needs to be made on each node. The configuration program includes tools to convert existing Phase IV data bases. From a user perspective, the move to DECnet/OSI should be transparent (commands and programs should run as before). The main change is in the way that DECnet is started and managed (NCP commands and data bases are replaced by NCL commands and a distributed name service).

The DECnet/OSI software is being continually improved by DEC, mainly in the area of ease of installation and configuration. To be sure you use the latest version, please contact dxmint::decnet-support just before you plan to install it. At that time, we will also supply you with the help you need to configure DECnet/OSI for the CERN environment.

We are in the process of organising a 1-day DECnet/OSI seminar for VMS system managers (provisionally planned for 11 Nov 1994). Further information about this will appear in the VAX Managers' News Group.

Janne Saarela
Mon May 22 15:43:10 METDST 1995