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``xwpick'' New Version of ``xpick'' (Pick Images on an X11-screen)

  Evgueni Tcherniaev, IHEP Protvino ,Russia

The program xwpick (the previous version called xpick was described in CNL 214) lets you pick an image from an arbitrary window or rectangular area of an X Windows (DEC Windows) server and write it to a file in a variety of formats: different PostScripts, GIF, PCX (IBM PC), PICT (Macintosh), PPM (PBM Plus). The name of the program has been changed to avoid a conflict with xpick by Gerry Tomlinson.

The main feature of xwpick is that it produces very compact PostScript files: several times smaller than is possible with other capturing tools, like xgrabsc, xv, XtoPS.

Janne Saarela
Mon May 22 15:43:10 METDST 1995