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User (Account) Registration

  (Physics Services Coordinator)

Users who wish to belong to multiple computer groups, usually because they are working on several experiments, would normally prefer to use a single userid (login name). Currently this feature, multiple group (or for Unix systems multiple gid) association with the same userid, is allowed in the USERREG scheme for account registration only for AFS, Work-Group services (CUTE services) and CERNVM. CORE services (CSF, SHIFT services) are unable to support this feature.

Whilst we fully recognize the need to support this feature in CORE and are working to implement it, we have decided that until such time, all ``modern'' services (CORE, PARC, CUTE) will be restricted to a single gid (and for tape access a single uuu) for a given userid. In other words we believe across-service consistency is the more important issue. Such a consistency will enable us to provide tape access in CORE for all users of CUTE and PARC services. As most of you are already aware, CORE tape (and staging) access is becoming the mainline central way of accessing tape data.

The user/account registration interface, USERREG, will shortly be modified to allow only one group code to be associated with a Unix login identifier across the CORE, PARC and CUTE services. We hope this will be a temporary restriction. Any users whose accounts will have to be modified to comply with the single group (gid) and uuu association to a given userid will be contacted individually.

In order to allow AFS file sharing from different userids, the AFS registration will not be changed; a given userid may still be associated to multiple groups (gids).

Janne Saarela
Mon May 22 15:43:10 METDST 1995