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Letters to the Editor


Following my ``Letter from the Editor'' published in the last CNL (CNL217) I have received a few comments from you, the readers. I will consequently begin in this edition of the CNL the ``Letters to the Editor'' section that I was proposing.

In this section, comments from readers will appear in normal type, whereas my reply or, possibly, the reply of the people who are concerned by these comments, will appear in italic. The editorial board reserves the right to edit or omit part or all of the input if it appears to be not of general interest or not relevant to the concept of this ``Computer NewsLetter''. In any case all these letters will be published with the agreement of their authors.

I am pleased to see, in this edition of the CNL, more contributions concerning our evolving computing environment, with, in particular, articles on the SP2 central computer, the GPMIMD-2 Meiko CS-2 parallel processor, and various articles from the DCI group concerning UNIX and Desktop Computing. I am also happy to welcome a major contribution from the databases (ORACLE) section. If we regret the absence, for this edition, of a ``Tutorial'' section, you will discover, at the end of this CNL, a new section that I have called ``Questions and Answers from the UCO'' with a selection of problems we have to solve in the User Consultancy Office (UCO) at CERN. The UCO answers quite a variety of questions, but usually only a few people see the answers. The initiative for such a section is directly inspired by the ``DESY Computing Newsletter''. I will let you judge if you find such a section useful in our CNL. You still are welcome to send all your comments directly to me (

You may notice also that more and more articles refer to the World-Wide Web (W3) information system when the reader wants of having more precise information on a specific subject. In such cases you are given the exact path of the URL file to open in the WWW browser you are using (e.g. Mosaic). This has the main advantage to have more concise articles in the CNL. We will try also to announce new WWW servers of general interest to the CERN/HEP community as soon as we hear about their creation (e.g. the ``CN/ASD group WWW server'' in this CNL).

I hope you will have a good and interesting reading, and, at this time of the year, let me wish you


Nicole Cremel CN/ASD, CNL editor

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Janne Saarela
Tue May 23 09:56:57 METDST 1995