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UCO Reference Cards


The User Consultancy Office offers a collection of short documents, most related to UNIX, which help a first time user to move along without going to the full details of the reference documentation. Notice however that we strongly recommend you to look at the reference manuals if you intend to make serious use of the application or facility documented in such cards.

We would like to thank the DESY User Support Group for providing several of the documents we are making available. Here follows the current list:

UNIX introduction
vi editor
Emacs mini-reference
GNU Emacs Reference Card (v.19)
xdvi and ghostview
The make command
Include ps and eps Files into LaTeX
NCSA Mosaic
Basic Introduction to SQL*Plus
Using QuickMail at CERN
How do I submit a batch job?
CMZ QuickGuide
Vax/VMS quick reference card
VM/CMS pocket card
Zephyr flyer
Should I have a dot in my path?
Customizing your shell / zsh specific
Customizing your shell / tcsh specific
Customizing your shell / zsh option

You can pick up printed copies of these documents, which are available on the plastic trays at the Help Desk in the User Area of building 513.

Janne Saarela
Tue May 23 09:56:57 METDST 1995