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Future support for VMS


At a recent internal CN planning meeting, participants raised the topic of the level and nature of the support for VMS that CN will have to provide to the HEP community in the future.

The trend away from strongly proprietary operating systems such as VMS and towards multi-vendor UNIX-based solutions is now well established, not only in HEP but also in most sectors of computing activity. The majority of people do not expect VMS to be still playing a major role in HEP computing in ten years time and for this reason we do not advise new experiments to become dependent on VMS.

Nevertheless, the discussion and subsequent reflection served to reinforce the impression that VMS is still an efficient, effective and much appreciated computing environment on which many teams in the HEP community run important services. Accordingly, steps are being taken to ensure that the present level of support can be maintained at least to the end of 1996. At that time the situation will be reviewed once more.

Present VMS support by CN can be categorised under two major headings:

It should be noted that these are quite separate activities and both are seen as important.

Since Julian Bunn has moved to lead the PAW/PIAF team, it became necessary to strengthen the central VXCERN effort. This is now being done, thanks to the co-operation of the L3 collaboration, through the assistance of an experienced VMS system manager, Tami Kramer. It is appropriate to take this opportunity to thank Julian, in particular on behalf of the users, for his successful support and direction of the VMS services over four years.

Similarly, visitor effort is being enlisted to make sure that VMS ports of Program Library software continue to be available in phase with releases for other platforms and that problems encountered with the VMS versions continue to get answered.

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Janne Saarela
Tue May 23 09:56:57 METDST 1995