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1994 Computer Centre Christmas Shutdown Schedule


This year CERN closes officially on Wednesday 21 December at 17.30 and re-opens on Wednesday 4 January at 08.30.

In order to complete necessary work on the electricity distribution system, power will be off in the computer centre on 2 and 3 January except for a special supply to some networking equipment. Power-up of the equipment and progressive re-establishment of services will begin on the evening of 3 January with the aim of completing the process during the following morning.

During the period from 21 December to 2 January, most systems in the centre will be left powered-on but log-on access to services will normally be blocked for security reasons, except in specific special cases where arrangements have already been made with the user communities concerned.

Consequently, the computer centre schedule for the two-week period between 21 December 1994 and 4 January 1995 is as follows:

Users are reminded that, when the CERNVM service re-opens on 4 January, it will be running on a machine with half the power of that presently installed (see CNL 217 2.1 for details).

Please contact the undersigned if this schedule seriously inconveniences you, or if you would like more precise information.

David J. Underhill

Central Infrastructure and Operations

Tel : 4920 / E-mail : DJUCT@CERNVM

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Janne Saarela
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