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Distribution of CLHEP and other class libraries through CERNLIB


CLHEP is a project initiated at CHEP'92 to define a general C++ class library for High Energy Physics. A description of CLHEP can be found in the article by Leif Lonnblad, the major mover behind CLHEP, in CERN-TH.7175/94, available in postscript form via

We plan to make the current prototype version of CLHEP available through CERNLIB as of the 95A release.

One of the motivations for making CLHEP available in this manner is to encourage wider use and feedback on the library. In particular, increased participation in discussions on the future of CLHEP and code contributions are important. Although it is not claimed that CLHEP is ``the'' class library for HEP, it makes a good starting point for what is clearly a very important area for the future of software in HEP.

In addition to CLHEP, there are a number of non-HEP specific public-domain class libraries which could also be usefully distributed in the same manner. We are interested in your feedback on this proposal. If you have suggestions for which class libraries could be made available or any other related comment, please send a mail to CERNLIB@CERN.CH.

Janne Saarela
Tue May 23 09:56:57 METDST 1995