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Installing LaTeXe on all platforms as the standard system


As announced in CNL 216 and 217, LaTeXe will be installed as the standard LaTeX system on all supported computer platforms at CERN at the beginning 1995. We have chosen the first weekend in January to make the change-over since computer load is still quite low due to the end of year holidays and we can thus more easily introduce the changes and monitor possible problems.

In practice it means that the commands latex and dvips will then use the Winter 1994 LaTeXe format built with the latest TeX and dvips executables. Note that since June 1994 the LaTeXe system has been available at CERN on Unix with the latex2e (and dvips2e) command, on VM and on VMS with the latex2e, and l2e commands respectively, (and standard dvips, since the ``directory'' structures are identical with those of LaTeX 2.09 on the latter two systems).

Let us once more emphasize that LaTeXe is backward compatible with LaTeX 2.09, and that documents marked up for that version will run, in all but the most bizarre cases, through LaTeXe without modification, though often a lot slower, due to the compatibility mode emulation.

For new documents users are thus invited to move to the new system as soon as possible (see my article in CNL216 and in this CNL for an overview of the main differences and the available extensions). If there is a need, LaTeXe conversion courses can be run in February.

Users who ``really'' have problems with the new system, are invited to contact me as soon as possible to solve them together. In line with the LaTeX3 support philosophy that versions older than one year are no longer supported we shall keep the LaTeX 2.09 version available with the command oldlatex (and olddvips on Unix) up to the end of June 1995, but in no way beyond that date. This should give all users enough time to upgrade to LaTeXe, or to solve possible problems with their old version in compatibility mode.

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Janne Saarela
Tue May 23 09:56:57 METDST 1995