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About Printing


can I cancel my print job on printer 513-pub (or any other laser writer) ?


First of all you must be the owner of the job you want to cancel. Then the commands to issue depend on your operating system.

On CERNVM, using the command XPRINT, just type:

This will give you the full list of the jobs submitted to that printer, 
Rank   Owner      Job  Files         Total Size
active karel      410         136516 bytes
1st    roethl     266  su3test.lst   85884 bytes
2nd    CREMEL     769  XPICON.PS.A1  11294 bytes

You must then identify your job with its ``job id'' number (under the column ``Job''). If, for example, you are the owner of the last job in the list (Owner ``CREMEL''), the job id is 769. To cancel this job you just have to execute the command:

On VAXVMS, using the command ``XPRINT/LW'' (the CERN written TCP/IP Printing facility for printing on laser writers connected to Appletalk), just type:

which will give, for instance:
status: busy; source: LocalTalk
Rank   Owner  Job  Files   ...
active root   19  Llinfo.txt, Modem.txt
1st    CREMEL 501  disk\$dy:[cremel];61

Then, to cancel job number 501 for owner ``CREMEL'' type the command:

On UNIX, for printers connected to the AppleTalk (the vast majority of printers at CERN), the procedure depends on the system (``UNIX flavour''). If you are printing with lpr, you can issue the command:

which will give, for instance:
Queue   Dev   Status    Job Files  ...
------- ----- --------- --- ----------
513-pub pub   READY    
513-pub: status: waiting; source: LocalTalk
513-pub: Rank   Owner  Job Files   ...

513-pub: active root   19  Llinfo.txt, Modem.txt 
513-pub: 1st    cremel 46

Then, to remove job number 46 (owned by user ``cremel'') from the printer's spool queue, type the command:

Still on UNIX, when printing with lp (UNIX systems based on System V, such as HP-UX and Sun/Solaris 2), the commands to issue are:

which will display:
printer queue for 513-pub
status: busy; source: LocalTalk

513-pub-19      root     priority ?   from sgca02
    Llinfo.txt        11696 bytes
    Modem.txt         36374 bytes
513-pub-773     cremel   priority ?   from hpkuipc         634 bytes

To remove the job ``513-pub-773'' owned by ``cremel'' just type:

Janne Saarela
Tue May 23 09:56:57 METDST 1995