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About Unix (General Tools)


is the difference between AFS and WWW/Mosaic concerning access to documentation ?


This user is confusing very different software products, AFS on one hand, and WWW (with Mosaic) and http on the other hand. Users can however read more and more often today, sentences like:

The documentation for this ... is on AFS in the directory


(generally /afs/ ...)

or statements like:

You can find documentation for this ... in the URL document: http://www..../.../

It is true that you can have access to documentation either through AFS or WWW/Mosaic and even both. The exact answer to the question resides in the definition itself of the two software products that we will briefly give below:

  1. AFS, acronym for ``Andrew File System'', is a network-distributed file system comparable to Sun's NFS. It includes a ``global name space'' which means that, on all machines running AFS ( AFS clients), the path name is unique. A typical pathname of an AFS file is:


  2. WWW/Mosaic, or W3 (which stands for World Wide Web), is a network-accessible information system. It uses hypertext and multimedia techniques to make the web easy for anyone to roam, browse, and contribute to. WWW has its own protocol called HTTP for data transmission. Mosaic is one popular ```WWW browser'' available for different graphics systems (X-Window, DOS/Windows, Macintosh).


there a list of all the products available on ASIS ?


Yes. This list is accessible with the command XFIND ASIS on CERNVM, or, with WWW/Mosaic, in the ``CERN Home Page'', by selecting the entry (under ``Activities''): Systems and Services: ASIS: ASIS Products.

Janne Saarela
Tue May 23 09:56:57 METDST 1995