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This explains why it has been decided not to introduce this version of KUIP in the current Program Library release, but only the next one, probably in autumn, in order to give enough time to all the application programmers who based their application on KUIP to re-compile their CDF.

The translation into FORTRAN, which is frozen, will not understand this new directive.
The main principles are already valid for previous X11 releases and other UNIX compliant systems.
One should note here that, in X Window, it is possible to have several screens attached to the same display, hence the necessity to make a distinction between the SCREEN_RESOURCES properties (option -screen) and the RESOURCE_MANAGER properties (option -global).

N.B. To merge with, instead of replacing, the current contents of the specified properties, you can use the command xrdb -merge .Xdefaults.
The application class name is normally the program name with the first (and possibly the second) letter in uppercase (e.g. XLock for xlock, XTerm for xterm, or Mwm for mwm, the Motif Window Manager.

For more efficency it is often better to keep this ``system-wide'' resource file small with only the minimum number of resources that you want to have available to all of your applications, e.g.: *reverseVideo: true, or for clients that you are using heavily.

A package hyperref translates many of LaTeX's cross-reference commands into parameters that can be interpreted by the PDF command pdfmark, to allow hypertext navigation through pdf documents. To pick up and translate these pdf-specific commands one should use a special version of dvips, called dvihps. The functionality of this suite of programs is presently being tested, and figure 6.1 shows a ``hyper''view of the HBOOK manual with Acrobat Reader. More information is available in an article (in French) by Yannis Haralambous HTML 9#9 LaTeX 10#10 PDF, ou l'entrée de TeX dans l'ère de l'hypertexte, Cahiers GUTenberg 19, pages 127--147.

See CNL 213, page 28, or the URL

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