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X Terminal Boot Servers

  Lionel Cons CN/DCI

A ``boot server'' is a machine that provides the following services:

Three new machines have been configured as X terminal boot servers: xtsoft1 [], xtsoft2 [] (CN, in the Computer Center), and sunecp05 [] (ECP, building 11). These machines have a similar configuration and offer the same version of the X terminal software. New servers of this kind will be announced in the newsletters and in the cern.xterm newsgroup.

X terminal users belonging to a particular group or experiment may have a dedicated boot server. Otherwise users should use the boot server that is geographically closest to their office.

For more information on these servers and on the X terminal support at CERN, please read the ``CERN X Terminal Guide'', available at the UCO or in the World-Wide Web.

Janne Saarela
Fri May 19 16:03:15 METDST 1995