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Internal Network Connections

  Brian Carpenter CN/CS

Several recent incidents have shown that the procedures for connecting devices to the CERN internal Local Area Networks (Ethernet) need to be better publicised. The same applies to installation or updating of network software. The objective is to minimise the number of interventions in which equipment that perturbs other users has to be disconnected without notice.

Who is concerned? Where a Division or group has its own internal service for local network support, this note concerns that service. Where no such service exists, or in case of doubt, it concerns anybody planning the acquisition of any device connected to the general-purpose Ethernet.

What equipment is concerned? PCs, Macintoshes, gateways, workstations, computers, printers, terminal servers, X terminals, and any other device connected directly to the general-purpose Ethernet. Equipment connected only to an accelerator controls network is not concerned.

What should be done? BEFORE deciding to acquire any such device, or related network software, particularly of a new type, make contact with the CN/CS group. You will be advised whether the device is known to cause problems and whether any support is available. You will also be advised on the steps to be taken when the device is installed.

For more details: obtain a copy of the ``CERN Internal Network Brochure'' (CN/CS/155) from the User Consultancy Office in Building 513.

Who to contact in case you do not know the specialist concerned?

J.Gamble, email

or J.M.Gerard, email

For a full list of contacts, see the WWW page

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Fri May 19 16:03:15 METDST 1995