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PAW Release (2.06/20)

  Julian Bunn and the PAW Team CN/ASD

A new version of PAW (2.06/20) is being released together with CERNLIB 95A. The source files, binaries and libraries will be available, as usual, via anonymous ftp, on asis.

Release Highlights

This release is a bug fixes and consolidation release. We intend to continue this effort of reliability and better documentation in the next releases also. In this release some importants points are:

For more precise information we invite people to refer to our PAW WWW server at the URL:

and select the section ``PAW Release Notes'', where the first file is always referring to the latest PAW release ( Version 2.06/20 in this case).

Janne Saarela
Fri May 19 16:03:15 METDST 1995