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ORACLE World Wide Web Interface Kit

  Sergio Santiago CN/ASD

The ORACLE Corporation recently unveiled the avaibility of its ``World Wide Web Inteface Kit'', which is intended to ``Bring the Power of Oracle7 to the World Wide Web''. Below are excerpts from the announcement about the availability of an Oracle WWW server an Oracle WWW Interface Kit.

The server (Oracle Home Page) can be found at the URL:

From this page you can find more precise information on the ``Oracle WWW Interface Kit'' if you select the ``Table of Contents'' (at the bottom), and, after selecting any one of the countries listed, you will find at the bottom, in a section ``Developer's Corner'' the Home Page for the ``Oracle World Wide Web Interface Kit'' with the relevant information.

Oracle Corp. has announced the immediate availability of the Oracle World Wide Web Interface Kit which enables developers and World Wide Web server administrators to tightly integrate Oracle7 databases with Web servers. The Kit, available free of charge on the Internet, includes real-life examples of linked Oracle7 databases with Web servers created by Web developers from around the world. Also included is a powerful Oracle gateway for Web servers, which translates Oracle standard database language (PL/SQL) to Internet-standard language (HTML).

Using the Kit, developers can now create links between Web servers and Oracle7 databases to bring to the Internet exciting new services and information systems. Potential uses for the Kit include the capability to make Oracle7 databases accessible to users of Web servers, as well as enabling new applications that integrate Web server transactions into existing business processes using Oracle7 databases.

The modules in the Oracle WWW Interface Kit include the following:

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