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PDFLIB: New Version 6.06

  Hartmute Plothow-Besch PPE/HL

The major differences between the new version 6.06 and the previous version 5.02 of W5051 PDF, the Parton Density Functions package are listed below:

A NEW group of PHOTON structure function sets have been added:

Several NUCLEON structure function sets have been added:

Please note that as new default set, the MRS set (G) has been chosen (NPTYPE=1, NGROUP=3, NSET=41).

For more details see the updated User's Manual.

The response from the Physics community is strongly encouraging us to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in this area. The author will be pleased to learn about new parton density functions, as well as to receive suggestions on how to improve both the usage and the documentation.

Janne Saarela
Fri May 19 16:03:15 METDST 1995