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Program Library

  K.S. Kölbig and J. Shiers CN/ASD

Whilst we are aware that some of the subprograms listed below are still widely used, e.g. FFREAD, these subprograms have not been modified for a long period of time and are not recommended for new applications. A replacement is suggested where available/appropriate.

Please note that even ``deleted'' subprograms continue to exist in source form. However, they are no longer made available in compiled form and are not ported to new platforms. (Obsoleted routines continue to exist in both source and compiled form).

Should you still rely on any of the subprograms in the list, please send a mail to indicating for how long and on which platforms you require the subprogram(s) in question.

Obsolete subprograms

The following packages are declared obsolete and scheduled for eventual deletion:

Janne Saarela
Fri May 19 16:03:15 METDST 1995