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Submission of 1995 Computing Time Requests for CERNSP

  Harry Renshall CN/PDP (CN Physics Services Coordinator) Alan Ball ECP/DS (COCOTIME Secretary)

The new CERNSP service, running on the 64-node IBM SP2, will shortly be available for physics data processing production (as opposed to desktop applications). As usual with shared public services, COCOTIME will allocate time for batch work starting from 1st April. Initially the equivalent of 24 nodes will be made available giving about 1 million CERN-unit hours per quarter, almost ten times that of the current CERNVM service.

Priority on the batch resources will go to experiments without other CORE capacity and notably those migrating from CERNVM. Unallocated time will be available, as now without guarantees, for non-priority applications such as background Monte-Carlo.

Group administrators are asked to mail their estimates for the remaining three quarters of 1995 to Alan Ball, AEB@CERNVM.CERN.CH, clearly stating the name of the experiment or project and the Computer Group code. Time should be expressed in CERN-unit hours per quarter. A percentage breakdown of intended use under the usual broad categories of programme development, experiment preparation, Monte-Carlo simulation, data processing and data analysis should also be given.

It is understood that groups will refine their requirements during the course of the year, as they gain experience with this new system, and establish their migration time-scales. The COCOTIME meeting on Thursday March 30th made initial allocations for the second quarter of 1995: the intention is to remain flexible and adjustments can be made at future meetings.

Janne Saarela
Fri May 19 16:03:15 METDST 1995