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NEW AFS-Aware Version of XDM


A new release of XDM based on the X11R5 distribution with AFS modifications is available for all supported UNIX platforms:

AIX 3.2
SunOS 4
Solaris 2.3
HP-UX 9.0
Alpha/OSF 2.0

The binaries are:


linked with kerberos libraries.

The old XDM R4 is still available as xdm.afs.r4 and xdm.afs.krb.r4. In addition to the new features of the standard XDM R5, XDM R5 for AFS includes a new X resource which gives the possibility of displaying a logo in the xlogin widget. By default, it uses the CERN logo. The resource setting looks like the following in the .Xresources file:

xlogin.Login.logoFile: /usr/lib/X11/xdm/

where is a file with the bitmap for the IBM logo. More than one bitmap (space blank separated) can be specified.

xdm.afs verifies the (AFS) password and saves the AFS token. xdm.afs.krb additionally saves the Kerberos ticket granting ticket, used by Kerberos applications other than AFS (e.g. arc, sysctl).

To upgrade to the new versions we can distinguish four cases:

SUE maintained machine: don't do anything; it'll be done automatically, at the latest upon the next reboot.

Previous version of xdm.afs installed: just replace the XDM binary by the new version.

XDM without AFS capability installed: contact support staff for the machine's architecture.

No XDM installed before: contact support staff for the machine's architecture.

In case of problems with AFS please contact:

Janne Saarela
Fri Jun 23 10:54:20 METDST 1995