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New Version of NCSA/Mosaic Available


NCSA/Mosaic version 2.5 was introduced in ASIS in March 20th, 1995, and will become the default (callable via the "mosaic" command) with the publication of this CNL. There are binaries available for the following platforms:


In addition, the latest beta version, 2.6b2, is available to ASIS-served workstations and services via the command "mosaic -version beta".

Taking advantage of this software release, we have also phased out the very old version 1 of Mosaic (command called "xmosaic"), which is providing instead a warning message recommending to use and invoke Mosaic through its official name.

All the features added since the last release are documented and available via the user interface itself (select the ``On Version 2.x'' item in the ``Help'' menu).

Janne Saarela
Fri Jun 23 10:54:20 METDST 1995