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Request for User-Provided Documentation


At the last HEPiX meeting in Prague, there was one point raised which caught my attention concerning user documentation. It was rightly pointed out that very often the physics collaborations and user groups produce manuals and other documents of good quality and general interest.

Actually, this is a fact which is not new to us. The first example is the command summary produced by the Delphi Collaboration, putting in contrast UNIX commands with their VM and VMS counterparts. This summary was published for the first time in the CERN Computer Newsletter 215 (January -- March 1994, section 2.4) and re-issued as a ``UCO Reference Card'' findable via WWW at URL:

We are certain that there are other interesting documents of potential value to CERN users complementing and extending the ones distributed through our service. For this reason, we would like to encourage authors and users who may have learned about or accessed such documentation to contact us (, x4952) with your suggestions. We will evaluate whether the document fits the expected general scope and usability for our users, and publicize it accordingly.

Janne Saarela
Fri Jun 23 10:54:20 METDST 1995