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Garfield Version 5.10 -- Overview of Modifications

  Rob Veenhof, Saclay


No changes.

GAS section:

In addition to the ion mobility, the Townsend and attachment coefficient can be entered with the MIX and MAGBOLTZ commands.

The Magboltz parametrisations for methane, ethane, propane, isobutane and freon () have been updated. Parametrisations for nitric oxide () and nitrous oxide () have been provided.

DRIFT section:

SINGLE extended to work for polar coordinates.

Major improvement in the integration of the transverse and longitudinal diffusion in the presence of a magnetic field. In the presence of a strong B field, a cloud that approaches a wire becomes very narrow, but is not aligned with the wire. Rather, the cloud spirals towards the wire. This misalignment was not taken into account correctly and resulted in an underestimate of the diffusion, sometimes by a large factor.

Various parameters related to drift line integration, such as EPSILON, TRAP and parameters used for integrating diffusion, have been moved into the INTEGRATION-PARAMETERS command.

Track interpolation for tracks that cross a tube wall has been improved, in particular the timing histograms for the last electron should be more accurate.

It has correctly been pointed out the the component of the drift velocity parallel to B (the 'E.B term') is missing if the Lorentz angle is tabulated. This will be addressed in a future release.


Argument lists provided for all dummy GKS-HIGZ interface routines. The clash between the GKS routine GTX and the HIGZ entry GTX in routine ITX has been solved. These two steps should simplify the preparation of an executable on Unix machines. Thanks to Ian McLaren.

HIGZ produced PS files are now properly closed. By adding routines that simulate GKS inquiry, various graphics functions (such as setting colour and other attributes) now also work with HIGZ.


Various new procedure calls have been added: ion drift lines, file inquiry, histogram fitting and a series of string functions. Since the CALL statement seems to be popular, the documentation for this feature has been extended.

DATASETS and Input/Output:

Improved error checking in the dataset opening EXEC file for VM.


Small modifications in various places for LINUX.

A make file for Unix systems has been provided by Michel Roethlisberger/IBM. The program runs on SP2, taking advantage of the ESSL subroutine library (see article gif).

Ian McLaren has prepared a compilation procedure for a wide variety of Unix workstations.

The CERN program library is no longer updated on VM. Since the Q-disk front-end EXEC is no longer suitable for running the program, Garfield users are asked to include the following statement in their PROFILE EXEC:


and issue once the command:


Since the author has changed group, the front-end program on VAX no longer gives access to the EXP version of the program. To be able to access all versions of the program, one should redefine the Garfield symbol as follows:

$ garf*ield :== $disk$cr:[garfield]garfrun.exe

FRONT-END programs and EXEC files

Correction in the front-end EXEC for VM, IBMLIB was not declared as TXTLIB.

LSE file

No longer part of the distribution file.

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Janne Saarela
Fri Jun 23 10:54:20 METDST 1995