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First Interactive Migration User Meeting


The first of a series of meetings and presentations aimed at disseminating information associated with the planned rundown of the CERNVM service took place last May 22nd, 1995.

The meeting started with the presentation of the framework in which the Desktop Computing Infrastructure group in CN Division is addressing modern replacement services for the now obsolete mainframe computers. C. Jones, DCI Group Leader, described briefly the current planned timescale of the CERNVM rundown, the general principles of the UNIX and PC services offered by DCI, and the scope of the later presentations.

D. Foster followed, presenting the software offerings to PC users integrated within the NICE environment, including potential connectivity to the UNIX services.

T. Cass showed the principles behind the WorkGroup Servers and Public Login Unix servers (PLUS), including the recently-opened cernsp service, and their architecture.

M. Marquina presented the developments in the application support area, summarizing what is currently being done in different key areas of concern to CERNVM users.

The meeting followed with a session of questions and answers which lasted 40 minutes longer than initially foreseen, showing the interest that this topic creates among our users.

The meeting closed with suggestions about topics to be addressed at future meetings, among them:

The mail server.
Security and outside access.
Staging pool access.
sendfile and ftp access.
archive and backup services (once known).

Future meetings are initially foreseen at monthly intervals. The next one is scheduled for July 3rd at 14:00, at CERN, in the CN Auditorium.

The foils presented at this meeting may be found in WWW at URL: htpp://

Janne Saarela
Fri Jun 23 10:54:20 METDST 1995