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New Books Available from the UCO


Since the last Newsletter the following books are new in the UCO catalog:

The complete set of X-Window series books from O'Reilly have been acquired along with the ``X Window System in a Nutshell'' book. These may all be bought separately.

For Internet we have ``The Online User's Encyclopedia'', more than 800 pages on everything connected with the Internet including guides for MAC, PC and Unix on file transfer and compression, mail, servers, libraries and tools. Also on the Internet we have the book ``Firewalls and Internet Security'' which can help to protect your data once installed on the Internet.

For Unix we have the latest version of the Prentice Hall book ``The Unix System Administration Handbook''; this includes a CD-ROM.

For C++ users we have two new titles available, ``C++ for C Programmers'' by Ira Pohl and ``Advanced C++ Styles and Idioms''.

For PC and Mac users we are now developing a set of titles to satisfy the demand for EXCEL and WORD. We have a tutorial in French and English for both Excel 5 and Word 6, these especially for PC. There is a WORD 6 Bible for Mac which describes the subject specific to the machine. There are also two books from the QUE series called ``Using WORD 6'' and ``Using EXCEL 5''; these books are extremely comprehensive and can replace the Microsoft manuals (and are under half the price). Just available is ``The Macintosh Bible'', this books of over 1100 pages contains all you need to know about your machine.

For the full book catalogue, see the attached list at the end of the CNL (``UCO Book Catalogue''), or look on the WWW pages where the prices are included for TID, EDH or cash:

There are many users awaiting the double CD-ROM for TeX on PC. This should be available by the end of June, and a news will be posted as soon as we can deliver.

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Janne Saarela
Fri Jun 23 10:54:20 METDST 1995