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UCO Book Catalogue


UCO Book Catalogue

Books avaiblable through the UCO

The books listed below are available from the UCO:

Text Processing
The LaTeX Companion by Goossens/Mittelbach/Samarin
LaTeX User Guide (2nd. Edition) by L.Lamport
Making TEX Work by Walsh
PostScript Reference Manual by Adobe

Advanced Programming In Unix Env. by Stevens
A Practical Guide to the Unix System by M.Sobell
A Practical Guide to Unix System 5 by M.Sobell
Posix.4 Programming for the real world by Gallmeister
Unix for Fortran Programmers by Loukides
Unix for the Impatient by Abrahams/Larson
Unix for VMS users by Bourne
Unix in a Nutshell, system V by Gilly/O'Reilly

Unix tools and utilities
Essential System Administration by Frisch
Expect by Libes
GNU Emacs manual by R.Stallman
imake by Dubois
Learning GNU Emacs by Cameron/Rosenblatt
Learning Perl by Schwarz
Learning the vi editor by Lamb
make by Oram/Talbott
Power programming with RPC by Bloomer
Practical Unix security by Garfinkel/Spafford
Pretty Good Privacy by Garfinkel
Programming Perl by O'Reilly and Associates
sed & awk by Dougherty
sendmail by Costales/Allman/Rickert
System Performance Tuning by Loukides
Unix Power Tools by Peek/Loukides/O'Reilly
Unix System Administration Handbook by Nemeth/Snyder/Seebass/Hein

Programming languages
Practical C by Oualline
A Book on C by Pohl
The Art and Science of C by Roberts
The C Programming Language by Kernighan/Ritchie
C++ Primer by S.Lippman
Scientific and Engineering C++ by Barton/Nackman
C++ Programming Language by Stroustrup
Object Oriented Programming C++ by Pohl
Fortran 90 explained by Metcalf/Reid
Migrating to Fortran 90 by Kerrigan
XL Fortran for AIX User Guide by IBM
XL Fortran for AIX Language Ref. by IBM

The O'Reilly X Window series
The X Window System in a Nutshell by Cutler/Gilly/O'Reilly
Vol 0 : X Protocol Reference Manual by Nye
Vol 1 : Xlib Programming manual by Nye
Vol 2 : Xlib Reference manual by Nye
Vol 3 : X Window System User Guide by Quercia/O'Reilly
Vol 3M : X Window System User Guide(OSF/Motif) by Quercia/O'Reilly
Vol 4 : X Toolkit Intrinsics Programming by Nye/O'Reilly
Vol 4M : X Toolkit Intrinsics Programming(OSF/Motif) by Nye/O'Reilly
Vol 5 : X Toolkit Intrinsics Reference Manual by Flanagan
Vol 6a : Motif Programming Manual by Hella/Ferguson
Vol 6b : Motif Reference Manual by Ferguson
Vol 7 : XView Programming Manual by Hella
Vol 7b : XView Reference Manual by Raalte
Vol 8 : X Window System Administrator's Guide by Mui/Pearce

General computing and Internet
Encyclopedia of Graphics by Murray/VanRyper
Firewalls and Internet Security by Cheswick/Bellovin
Managing Internet Infomation Services by Liu/Peek/Jones/Buus/Nye
Mosaic Handbook for X windows by Koman/Ferguson
Mosaic Handbook for Macintosh by Koman
Mosaic Handbook for Windows on PC by Koman
Motif Tools by Flanagan
Tcl and Tk Toolkit by Ousterhout
TCP/IP Network Admin by Hunt
TCP/IP Illustrated Vol.1 The Protocols by Stevens
TCP/IP Illustrated Vol.2 The Implementation by Stevens
The Internet Companion by Tracy LaQuey
The Online Users Encyclopedia by Aboba
The Whole Internet by Ed Krol
X User Tools by Mui/Quercia

Mathematica for Scientists and Engineers by Bahder
Mathematica for Physics by Zimmerman
Mathematica by Stephen Wolfram
The Mathematica Graphics Guidebook by Smith/Blachman

Software Packages
GPHIGS V3.0 (F77 and C) Manual and User Guide
Lapack Users Guide by The Lapack Team

PC and Mac applications
Using Word 6 for Windows by Person/Rose
Word 6 for Windows essentials by Mandel
Quickstart Excel 5 for windows by Webster

Livres en Francais
Sesame pour Internet by Tracy LaQuey
Tutorland pour Excel 5 by Author
Tutorland pour Word 6 by Author

Inside Macintosh by Apple Computer Inc.

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