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If you need Help

Service Name Address Telephone E-mail Address
Opening hours: Monday 10:00-12:30 and 14:00-17:00, Tuesday-Friday 9.00-12:30 and 14:00-17.00
All aspects Miguel Marquina 513/1-017 4912
Accounting Service Attila Koppanyi 513/1-019 4933
User Registration M.C.Perler 513/1-017 5004
Consultancy Office R.Woolnough 513/1-020 9156
Computer Book Selling Service M.Franceschi 513/1-022 2371
CENTRAL COMPUTER OPERATIONS (24 HOURS)513/R-066 5011 operator@cernvm
All aspects & IBM David Underhill 513/R-035 4920
Central VAXes Tim Whibley 513/R-033 4849
CERNSP Harry Renshall 513/1-016 2377
CS-2 Eric Mcintosh 31/3-023 4934,13+5584
CORE services - CSF Vincent Doré 513/R-031 2397,13+3830
CORE services - SHIFT Gordon Lee 513/1-020 4974
PaRC service Pietro Martucci 31/S-022 8611,13+5553
PIAF service Thomas Petterson 513/R-036 4919
All aspects Jamie Shiers 513/1-002 4928
SP2, RS-6000 (AIX), VMS Jamie Shiers 513/1-002 4928
HP/UX, SGI, SHIFT, CSF Gunter Folger 513/1-003 5010
DECstation, Sun Ian Mclaren 513/1-003 5010
Distribution of CERNlib material Lysiane Besson 513/1-014 4951
Desktop Computing Chris Jones 31/2-020 4884
User Migration Task Force Miguel Marquina 513/1-017 4912
NICE (Novell coordination) David Foster 31/1-009 2663/13+5631
Central VMS Service Manager Judy Richards 31/R-009 4983
Oracle Sergio Santiago 31/3-011 4134,13+5580
Computer Security John Gamble 31/3-030 3105
Distributed Printing Jean-Louis Vosdey 513/R-049 5011
Networks Alasdair Ross 513/R-034 4927
Vault & Cartridge operations R.P. Minchin 513/R-009 13+5559
Tape Allocation to Experiments Hansjorg Klein 13/3-024 2124,2060
Computer Science Library, mornings only Jutta Megies 513/1-024 2379

Service URLs (WWW)

ONLINE COMPUTING: See ``ONLINE'', the Newsletter of Data acquisition and Computing for Experiments,
Available from Anne Perrelle 31/1-003 2406
COMPUTING FOR ENGINEERING: See the CERN Computing Support for Engineering Newsletter,
Available from Monique Tate-Lavergne 513/2-010 2863
Chairman: L.Foa/DG 4/1-048 8126
Secretary: A.E.Ball/ECP 14/6-023 3849

Unix Workstations and X Terminals Support (List of Contact Accounts)

Name Address Telephone E-mail Address
Team Leader Alan Silverman 31-1-030 4955
Front Desk Christiane Ball 31-1-015 3349

Service E-mail Address
SUN software
HP 700 s/w
X terminals
DEC's OSF/1 s/w
RS/6000 s/w
SGI software
Solaris s/w

Communications and Networks

Please use generic electronic mail addresses whenever possible. These mailboxes will be read even when the usual specialist is absent. It is helpful to use relevant keywords in the subject field of your message. Contact specialists directly only for very urgent cases or for very general consultations.

A complete and up-to-date version of this list in also available here.

Software and interface consultancy or
Network infrastructure consultancy (backbone and FDDI) or
Network infrastructure consultancy (Ethernet in buildings)
Network security alerts (hacking attacks) (if urgent: 4927 or 8665)
[5011 night/weekend]
General network operational problems (if urgent: 4927 or 8665)
[5011 night/weekend]
Specific Ethernet problems or 2299
Internet (TCP/IP) registration requests
LAT terminal server registration requests (2299 for problems)
DECnet Registration Requests and Queries (dxmint::decnet-support)
Other registration requests
Queries about electronic mail
Novell coordination and general PC networking advice
Advice on Macintosh networking (2299 for problems)
[4366 for general Macintosh problems]

Seminars and Presentations

Designation Location Organizer Div. Telephone E-mail Address
Computing Colloquia Auditorium / bldg 500 Sverre Jarp CN 4944
Computing Seminars CN Auditorium 31/3-005 Gunter Folger CN 5010
Jean-Pierre Porte ECP 3457
Technical Presentations CN Auditorium 31/3-005 Stanley Cannon CN 5036

Divisional Representatives for Computing

Div. Representative Div. Representative
AS M. Draper AT P. Heymans
CN A. Koppanyi DSU M. Draper
ECP A. Grant FI S. Lauper
MT Ch. Delamare PE D. Duret
PPE H. Klein PS J. Riche
SL A. Hilaire ST E. Sanchez-Corral
TH R. Sommer TIS G.R. Stevenson

Divisional Representatives for Networking

Div. Representative Div. Representative
AS M. Moller AT R. Saban
DSU M. Moller ECP J.-P. Porte
FI J. Groz MT C. Andrews
PE D. Duret PPE E. Pagiola
PS I. Deloose SL P. Lienard
ST P. Ciriani TH R. Sommer
TIS B. Moy

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