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Change in the CERN X Font Service

Lionel Cons CN/DCI

The X Font Service

The CERN X Font Service allows the users of any machine with an X11R5 X server (UNIX and non-UNIX workstations, X terminals, PCs with an X emulation...) to use many fonts without having to install them on the local machine.

To use this service:

make sure that your X server is X11R5 (available from ASIS)
add the font server to your font path by typing (for instance):

xset fp+ tcp/xtsoft1:7100

(you can add this line to your .xsession if needed).

Note that the HEPiX Xsession scripts and the X terminal configuration on the central servers do this for you automatically.

For more information you can read:

the relevant man pages: X(1), xset(1), fs(1)...
the ``Guide for the Usage of X Window at CERN''
the `Fonts' chapter of the ``CERN X Terminal Guide''

Both guides are available at the UCO or in the World-Wide Web (

The Changes

In order to avoid conflicts with AFS and to comply with HEP standards, the CERN Font Service will now use different port numbers. You should now use:

7111 miscellaneous fonts, currently only 3270
7112 fonts provided by NCD, this includes: X11R5,
DEC compatible, Sun compatible and scalable fonts
7113 fonts usually found on an HP 700 workstation
7114 fonts usually found on an IBM RS/6000 workstation
7115 Sun-specific fonts
7100 almost all the fonts above!
7121 National Character Sets: Hebrew, Greek...
7122 Japanese fonts
7123 Chinese fonts
7124 Russian fonts.

The old port numbers (7000 to 7014) will still be valid until the end of the year.

Note: this change should be transparent to most users. You only need to change something if you are explicitely using a font server in your scripts or login files (like .xsession ).

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