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1995 Computer Centre Christmas Shutdown Schedule

1995 Computer Centre Christmas Shutdown Schedule

This year CERN closes officially on Thursday 21st. December at 17.30 hrs. and re-opens on Thursday 4th. January at 08.30 hrs.

During this period there is no major power-off scheduled for the Computer Centre apart from the morning of Wednesday 3rd. January, when emergency power-off procedures will be checked out in order to comply with safety rules. Power-up of the equipment and progressive re-establishment of all central services will begin the same afternoon with the aim of completing the process during the following morning.

The availability of power, however, does not imply the availability of all the normal computer services since there are other constraints like the availability of personnel and the need to perform system reconfigurations during this ``quiet'' period.

The full list of which services that will, and will not, be available during this Christmas period is not yet complete so will be published later in News items and the Weekly Bulletin.

David Underhill CN/CIO

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