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Past experience shows that it is a good policy to have four CNL editions per year (one around Easter, one before and one after the summer, and the last one just before Xmas), unless the number of contributions makes it necessary to have a supplementary issue, or to cancel one. However, due to the shutdown of CERNVM at the end of June, we have decided this year to advance both the ``easter'' and the ``summer'' edition. We kindly ask our contributors to note that the deadline for contributions to the next issue of the CNL is

May 8th 1996.

Contributions to the CNL are accepted as plain text, although marked-up text in LaTeX is preferred. Articles, news items and letters intended for publication in the next issue should be sent directly to the editor ( without particular controls on the mail subject line.

The opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the contributors and are not necessarily those of the CERN management. The editorial board reserves the right to edit, omit or hold-over copy due to lack of space.

Compressed PostScript files, containing the complete printable version of this CNL or parts of it can be obtained below:

Complete CNL
Editorial and Help Pages
VM Migration Issues
Mail Issues
Desktop Computing
Text Processing
Questions and Answers from the UCO
Computer Documentation
Fortran 95 Tutorial

If you want to subscribe to the announcement of the PostScript version (in order to receive a mail when there is a new CNL ready as a PostScript file and available on asisftp), you can fill this form or directly send a mail (with your exact e-mail address) to the editor (

If you want to receive a copy of the paper version of the CNL (at CERN or at your home institute) fill out this form or send a mail (with your exact coordinates) to

N.B. You can also cancel your subscription in both cases by filling the appropriate forms accessible here

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