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Tape Management Service (TMS) Migration to UNIX


A milestone in the process of migrating CERNVM onto a Unix workstation environment has been reached. The new version of the Tape Management Service, TMS, is since the evening of the 21st of January running under Unix.

The TMS software is currently running under Solaris 2.4. on a Sparc 20. The interface to TMS, the System Service Request facility SYSREQ, is also running under Solaris 2.4. on a Sparc 5 architecture. The database management system used for the access and manipulation of the TMS data is Oracle 7.2, and the data is stored over 3 x 1GB Sparc Storage Array mirrored disks. On-line backups of the data are taken daily, and an off-line backup is performed weekly.

An interface to the Unix service is running on CERNVM, which enables users to issue TMS requests from this platform. However, given the imminent shutdown of this service (scheduled for the end of June), users are encouraged to port their VM applications to Unix.

Michel Goossens
CN Division
Tel. 3363
Wed Mar 13 07:42:40 MET 1996