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Common Desktop Environment (CDE)


For some time now, the COSE collaboration of Unix vendors has been working on a common graphical user interface to Unix called CDE (Common Desktop Environment). For those people familiar with HP Unix systems, it resembles greatly HP-VUE.

After a long wait, CDE is finally coming and for some months we have been looking at it, especially at methods and tools to make the different vendor implementations look and behave as similar as possible. However, we still have serious concerns over resource usage, in particular it will need very careful evaluation for multi-user machines. And, unfortunately, it is not our highest priority for moment, particularly in view of VM migration.

For anyone interested in CDE, we can only advise - `Watch this space' for further news later this year.

Michel Goossens
CN Division
Tel. 3363
Wed Mar 13 07:42:40 MET 1996